We provide the most effective chemical solutions for Corrosion, Odor, and FOG treatment

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Utility Management, Reliability, Consistency, and Odor Control Solutions

Aqua Utility Services (AUS) brings customers a broad list of options of water and wastewater treatment system services, including Odor and corrosion control, operations and maintenance, laboratory analysis, management, customer billing, and compliance consulting. Our combined capabilities allow us to provide clients with service solutions which simplify treatment system operation and produce compliance, reliability, customer service, and budget controls.

AUS’s certified water and wastewater operators offer an impressive depth of experience, and knowledge. We are proud of this diverse team of professionals consist of Veterans of our US Military where their experience, teamwork, and training enable our team to achieve a solution-based workforce for our client’s needs.

AUS’s experience about treatment of hydrogen sulfide eliminates odor and corrosion to preserve capital assets and improve customer satisfaction. The Chemical Enhanced treatment we supply will extend infrastructure life expectancy and improve water quality to improve treatment plant performance.

Upgrades and Regulatory Compliance

AUS has accepted responsibility for treatment systems that were in non-compliance orders from the State and local regulatory agency’s stayed under regulatory inspection due to routine violation of permit limits. Our view is to provide transparency and let the clients understand that “Bad news does not improve with age”. AUS approach to compliance includes review with the clients about needed change in manpower, operations and maintenance practices as well as Capital improvements that are necessary. Many times, the owners never been advised of these milestones to correct the necessary methods to maintain compliance. AUS has a transparent approach with the client and regulatory agency to improve what is needed. This knowledge has helped our client’s relationship with regulatory authorities with solutions that work to ensure compliance and reliability.

AUS provides a solution approach which streamlines odor control solutions, Certified Operators, budget controls, compliance, and reliable infrastructure investments. Our current service areas for Industrial and municipal water and wastewater systems is focused in Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida; these systems range in size, industry types, and solutions for odor control. AUS is a Certified Women Owned Business.