We provide the most effective chemical solutions for Corrosion, Odor, and FOG treatment

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Capital asset protection is paramount to the trust of investors of any organization in order to remain solvent for many years. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) will impact a number of your investments such as air vents, wet wells, concrete structures, and metal piping. Not only can this affect your investments but they can also affect your surrounding neighbors, and in some cases cause serious health concerns, including death. Aqua Utility Services brings the solutions. Our cost-effective technology will solve these issues with proven results within a very short period of time. Using elements of water and air we can create an environment that protects your investments, while providing safe EPA green solutions that will not interfere with the environment.

Our Company, as a distributor for this up and coming technology, stand by these solutions providing our experience of design, operations, and maintenance strategy to provide better operational and cost strategies to our customers. Adding pure oxygen generators and mixing an organic catalyst we can create a fast cost-effective solution to treatment of H2S, the leading cause of odor and corrosion. We have adopted the process name for this technology of “Odor and Corrosion Terminator” simply because it works and proves to be the most effective solution for our customers.

Recently, we added another solution to solve issues caused by FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease). We adopted the brand name” FOG Terminator” for this treatment of FOG. The restaurant industry has created a fried food industry that lends itself to an environment of clogging up sewer lines and wet wells in the sewer collection system. By using this product our customers are now seeing these issues resolved simply by applying this solution to the surface area of wet wells and grease traps. Restaurant owners are saving money and the utilities are solving issues.

Within the water treatment industry where EPA mandates include maintenance and repairs to the collection system and treatment plant capital assets we focus on solutions for you. Where the areas of the Clean Water Act the COMMS acronym has become a household word for utility managers and operators to comply with the mandates in their NPDES permits. Maintenance and protection of your capital asset collection system, headwork’s of the treatment plants, sludge process areas, safety and health of the public , are now part of the process and NPDES permit for all wastewater Utilities in the United States. Aqua Utility Services strives to resolve tomorrow’s issues, allowing you to focus on today.