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Chemical solutions for water, wastewater, and FOG.

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 FOG Terminator

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 Odor Terminator

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What are your products?

Our products are FOG Terminator and Odor Terminator. Click one of the product MSDS sheet links above for more information.

Are these Products Safe?

They are absolutely safe and easy to apply into your treatment system. Odor Terminator and FOG Terminator are green products that are easy to use and store, and they are EPA TSCA approved. (See links to MSDS sheets for more information)

Do you provide installation and Support?

Yes! Contact Steve Tolliver: (812) 284-9243 or by email via

How do I purchase?

Call us at (812) 284-9243 or visit our contact page for a complete quote and to setup an account.

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